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Cardinal LbNA #23935

Plant date:Jul 20, 2006
City:Peachtree City
Planted by:mikframe
Found by: Road Junkies
Last found:Nov 4, 2008
Last edited:Jul 20, 2006

To find the Cardinal Box start at the parking lot of the Aquatic Center. Go up hill and turn right onto the first golf cart trail that goes below the Elementary School. Then turn right on the cart trail at the school field and go down toward the tunnel that goes below Hwy 74. As you go down the hill look to your right for a dirt trail that is wide enough for a golf cart. If you make it to the tunnel, you went to far. Go up the dirt trail approximately 58 steps. You will see a large tree with a big hole at the base. At your 4 O'clock you will find a multi-trunk tree. The box is in a hole at the base of this tree.