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Plato #2:Greek Education LbNA #23848

Owner:J. Peter
Plant date:Jul 12, 2006
Found by: The White Giraffe
Last found:Aug 19, 2014
Last edited:Jul 12, 2006
Beware:::: A few people just emailed about not finding this and just attempting this box. 1/10/10 J Peter

5 minutes to find? Its just a 30-40 yards.

1.Sedona, AZ, though in Yavapai County

2. Upper Red Rock Loop Road, West of Sedona on 89A. If going west you will take left

3. Pass Sedona High School on right, almost immediately.

4. At the second pull off on the left is were you park (1/4 to ½ mile). There is a sign for “No Campfires” (my wife says it’s the fourth pull off because of two very small ones I refused to count). There is a lone tree in the middle, walk to it.

5. Go to south east side, then take 10 steps at 108 degrees.

6. Take 18 steps to large wide tree. (you should now be on its approximate east side).

7. Take 45 steps at 140 degrees. You should now be at the end of the point.

8. Now take 125 degrees 17 steps to 23 steps. Or just simply go down the hill a little bit to the right by those same steps (If I got the 125 wrong, don’t shoot me).

9. At the bottom of a 3foot crevice in the rock face the “Plato #2: Greek Education” Box is under some rocks. Always check for small alive things first. You went too far if one boulder seems to be breaking off from the rock face.

I’m not local, so could the first finder please contact me at about finding this box. Enjoy the view of the valley!