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Lake Mary Ronan LbNA #23503

Plant date:Jun 27, 2006
Planted by:PenGwen
Found by: Bardling
Last found:Sep 10, 2020
Last edited:Jun 27, 2006
When Don and Don Sr. found this beautiful little lake in 1953 the fishing was truly incredible. Large Rainbows and Kokanee salmon were the norm. Several yearly trips were made, then for whatever reason, the yearly trips stopped. Gwen has always heard of this great little lake, and in 2006 the pilgrimage was made. While the old adage ‘You can’t go home’ certainly applies, the lake is just as pretty as remembered, the fishing is not as good as it was then, but the Lake Mary Ronan Lodge has shrunk. The one major difference is the 4th of July celebration. If you like fireworks, and I mean the big stuff, then you should look for this letterbox over the fourth. Mike, one of the owners is a complete nut when it comes to making stuff explode and he starts the celebration about 5 days early with one heck of a finish on the Fourth.

While this is just a driveby, it is located on a road that dead-ends at the LMR Lodge, so it will require an 8-mile detour if you are in route to Glacier National Park. If you are looking for a little hideaway that includes some fishing then this could be a great destination.

From Polson take Highway 93 north to Dayton, and take Highway 352 to the lake. Stop at the turn out to your left when you see the sign “Lake Mary Ronan State Park- 1 Mile”. From that sign follow the arrow to a leaning tree surrounded by 3 stumps near the fence. The letterbox is located inside the stump on your left as you approach the leaning tree. Please replace and cover the box better than you found it.

If you have passed by Camp Tuffit entrance you have gone too far, retrace your drive just about 1/10 of a mile or less.

There are several lodges at the lake as well as a State Park ($12 per night), but we stayed at Lake Mary Ronan Lodge, and they have cabin accommodations as well as RV hookups, a restaurant and bar., 888-845-7702

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