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Rails to Trails Hwy 2 LbNA #22805

Owner:mom2busyboys Contact
Plant date:Jun 5, 2006
Found by: Lost Sailor
Last found:Aug 14, 2020
Last edited:Jun 5, 2006
**Status: June 2009--damaged, being replaced**

1. Drive west from Kalispell on Hwy.2
2. Take the left before the blinking yellow light--this gets you onto the rails to trails path, drive to the left to the parking area. Park your vehicle.
3. Get out and walk east (back towards Kalispell). Walk until you come to the "No Motor Vehicles" sign and yellow and gray posts in the path.
4. There is a bench to the left right after these posts.
5. As you keep walking from the bench, notice a clump of bushes on the left, then two small pine trees.
6. Off of the path after the pine trees, on the left, there is a tall bushy, tree looking thing. The box can be found on the ground by the tree. (more specifically, when you are looking at the tree, the box will be on the right under some wood).
7. Good luck and have fun! Enjoy the trail!