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AMARC LbNA #22679

Plant date:May 31, 2006
Planted by:Varkdog, AMK & LiL Frog
Found by: Heyford
Last found:Apr 11, 2020
Last edited:May 31, 2006
The Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Center (AMARC) is a one-of-a-kind specialized facility. AMARC provides the Department of Defense critical aerospace maintenance and regeneration capabilities for Joint and Allied/Coalition warfighters in support of global operations and agile combat support for a wide range of military operations.

Although AMARC traces its heritage back to 1946 when the 4105th Army Air Force Base Unit was established to store and manage vast numbers of surplus World War II aircraft, capabilities define the AMARC of today and of the future.
A major industrial center occupying 2,600 acres, AMARC manages an inventory of more than 4,200 aircraft, 40 aerospace vehicles and 350,000 line items of production tooling. In addition to the historic storage and disposition mission, the Center’s highly skilled 662-member workforce regenerates aircraft, returning them to flying status or preparing them for overland shipment. The AMARC team also reclaims hundreds of millions of dollars worth of parts to support global warfighting operations.

“The Boneyard” is the military version of a used car lot. Many of the planes I used to work on are now stored here.

To get to the letterbox:

From Kolb Rd: Turn east on Irvington Road and start counting power poles on the south side of the road. At the 15th pole, there is a No Parking sign on your right. Turn south onto the dirt path and drive to the dirt path. Park here.
From Houghton Road: Turn West on Irvington Road. When you get to the signal light at Pantano Rd, start counting power poles. Just before the 6th pole, turn onto the dirt path and head to the fence line. Park here.

There is a wash to the west of you, and you’ll see rows of F-111 “Aardvarks” to the south. These planes are proven warfighters, and have plenty of my blood and sweat on them. When you are finished looking at these awesome aircraft, go to the 2nd fencepost east of the wash and face north. You will travel 3 degrees from north for 26 steps. In front of you is a small bush with 2 barrel cactus north of it. You will find the letterbox on the east side of the bush under some rocks and brush. Please replace the box under the rocks so that it will not be seen from any direction.