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Herbert Hoover LbNA #22644

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Plant date:May 5, 2006
County:New Haven
Found by: Team Rogue
Last found:Jul 7, 2024
Last edited:May 5, 2006
Herbert Hoover
31st President 1929-1933
Vice President - Charles Curtis

Born: Aug.10,1874 Died: Oct. 20, 1964

Occupation: Engineer

Married: Lou Henry

Early Years: Hoover was orphaned by age 9. He lived with an uncle and attended a Quaker academy, then worked his way through Stanford University showing a great talent for business. His goal was to be a mining engineer.

His Presidency: During Hoover's first year in office the stock market crashed and the country headed towards a major depression. Hoover took many measures to bring relief to out of work and hungry people, buut with 10 million people jobless, nearly everyone blamed him for the difficult times. He lost the 1932 election by a large margin.

Did you know? During his first three years as president, Hoover and his wife dined alone only on their wedding anniversary.

Alas, there is only one stamp so far in this series. Herb is residing at Hop Brook Lake on the opposite side of Route 63. The trail begins near the intersection of Route 63 and Allerton Farms Road.

Follow the blue trail until you see a huge boulder with a tree growing out of it. You will know it when you see it.

Around the back of the boulder is a stone wall with a tree.

At the base of this tree in the rocks is the famous Herbert Hoover box.