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Retired Postal Series LbNA #22425

Owner:Alaska HSM Contact
Plant date:May 24, 2006
Found by: House of Smith
Last found:Jun 29, 2009
Last edited:May 24, 2006
Retired Postal Series
For this series you most likely will want to be on a bike. You can cover long distances in a short amount of time, or you can take all day to do this. When planting this, I rode 22 miles.

The Sparkeler

Start at 2nd and H.Cross the wooden path. Pass the hydrant and blue posts, at the end of the wodden posts look across the trail. See the metal fence. From the end of the fence take two steps to your right and enter the trees. Take a few steps forward. The Sparkeler hides under 2 big white rocks.

The A's

Continue on the trail. Enjoy the views of the inlet. Pass elderberry park and go into the tunnel, pass the big rock garden and the long streach of rocks. Careful the trail gets really broken up. You may even hear a steel giant. Sit and rest and then continue on. Turn south on the coastal trail at westchester lagoon. Pass Jupiter, pass the 1 mile marker , the ball field and Saturn. The is a meduim sized dirt trail with a jump to the left. Go 47 steps past the trail and turn to face left. Go down the ditch and back up. The A's hide under leaves at the base of a tree with multiple arms and a branch broken and laying in the water/ditch (depending on time of year).

Sock Hop

Has been replanted elsewhere

Kiss On A Hill

Has been replanted elsewhere

Please be VERY discreet. This is a VERY busy trail. I had to wait to plant these for noone to be around. Rehide better than you found. Enjoy

For this next box you may extned your bike ride, or wait for another day, or get in your car and drive to it.

Music Box