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Plant date:May 7, 2006
County:Del Norte
Found by: North Star
Last found:Jul 13, 2009
Last edited:May 7, 2006
DISTANCE: Approx 1 mile round trip
TERRAIN: Rutty and hilly with plenty of Poison Oak
about; however our four-year-old managed
this hike quite well.
STAMP: Double sided, green ink preferable.
STATUS: Any emails about this box to would be greatly
appreciated :>

FIDDLEHEADS LB is planted where Stony Creek meets the pristine Smith River. Having a summer cabin nearby, I ventured down this trail many times in my life. It’s a scenic walk during any season. It is especially enjoyable in the spring with the wildflowers in bloom. Today the Azalea scent wafted and fiddleheads unwound! It’s a good place for a picnic, to fish, to swim, and to explore the land.

Take HWY 199 to Gasquet.

If you’re traveling east, turn LEFT at the Gasquet Market on Middle Fork Gasquet Road, RIGHT if you’re headed west.

At the T in the road, (150 yards or so) veer RIGHT onto Gasquet Flat Road. Check your odometer reading. From here you’ll go 1.3 miles…

Stay on Gasquet Flat Road. and keep left. This becomes North Fork Road. Head through the hairpin curve, up the hill, and eventually back down.

At 1.3 miles is Stony Creek Trail. Turn RIGHT on this dead-end road and about half way down on the RIGHT is the Stony Creek Trail (2E19) marker. Park at the roadside.

Take the trail, pass the water tower and bench. Then start downhill where you can glimpse the river and begin to hear the creek.

At the fork stay RIGHT following the path until it stops at the steep and rocky bank of the creek. The creek water runs directly in front of you, the Smith off to your LEFT.

Turn around and retrace your last 15 steps.

On your right is a less-traveled trail; take it.

Climbing down the rocks, see a Madrone that reaches out and down over the creek. The box is in a hidey hole at its base, covered with a cairn. Grab it, being careful to save the rocks for careful re-hiding, and then stand and gaze as the creek feeds the river.