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Pee Thrittle Ligs LbNA #21634

Plant date:Apr 20, 2006
City:Red Bluff
Planted by:The Boxalots
Found by: JoySong
Last found:Mar 26, 2018
Last edited:Apr 20, 2006
When we first visited the Hog Heaven Theme Park, I was reminded of a skill that I cultivated and used in the past that seemed to fit the theme of the area. During my high-school days (and on into College) – I would often regale friends with the tale of the “Pee Thrittle Ligs.” Yes…you read it correctly. My repertoire also included “The Tairyfale of Rindercella” and “The Nidmight Ride of Raul Pevere.” But for now…I’ll share a brief version of the most appropriate of the three stories for your enjoyment. I hope that you read this out loud on the plateau as you search for all of your porcine pals.

Once upon a time, there were pee thrittle ligs. The first pittle lig did not like to work at all. He bickly quilt his strouse of haw. The second pittle lig did not like to work either. He bickly quilt his twouse of higs.

These pittle ligs loved music. The first pittle lig flayed his plute and the second pittle lig flayed his piddle. They played and danced down the road to see their brother, the third pittle lig. He was the serious one and did not mind working hard. He was building his brouse of hicks. He new that trouble was in the wearby noods. His brothers laughed at his hard work as they went back to their homes.

To find the Pee Thrittle Ligs, start at the original Hog Heaven Series box #2. Stand at the tree and take 21 “short woman” steps towards 330 degrees. The crevice of the three boulders is the brouse of hicks of the third pittle lig and where you will find all Pee Thrittle Ligs.

Wow – Can’t spell check this one at all! Enjoy! But watch out for trouble in the wearby noods!