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Hobbit's Letterbox LbNA #20687

Plant date:Mar 5, 2006
Location: Boulder Creek Road
Found by: 4b's mom
Last found:Jul 20, 2009
Last edited:Mar 5, 2006
Placed by charleslamica

Hobbit is our Cardigan Welsh Corgi. We live a couple miles downstream from this spot, so we often go hiking here with Hobbit. Hobbit may be short, but he has a huge sense of adventure. Just like the hobbits in J.R.R. Tolkien's books, our Hobbit is friendly, loyal, and playful. (And, like all hobbits, he LOVES to eat!) Of course, Hobbit was with us when we placed this letterbox.

To get to the site, take Highway 395 north from Kettle Falls. Follow it until you get to Boulder Creek Road, which is the road to Curlew and Highway 21. Drive two miles up Boulder Creek Road until you see a large turn-out area on the south side of the road. Park there.

This dirt road is U.S. Forest Service Road #6110, which is currently closed to vehicular traffic. Walk down the dirt road until you come to a small bridge across the north fork of Boulder Creek. Cross the bridge, take a right, and descend the embankment. (Careful! The embankment is short, but steep.)

Follow the creek upstream until you reach a moss-covered boulder about the size of a Volkswagon Bug. The letterbox is a plastic jar hidden under the south side of the boulder, covered with a large piece of old bark.

Total walking distance: About half a mile.
Difficulty: Easy to Moderate
Remember to bring your own ink pad.

The jar contains Hobbit's rubber stamp, a logbook, and a pencil.

Interesting historical note: On 8 August 1883 General William T. Sherman, while touring this area and escorted by a troop of U.S. cavalry, camped on Boulder Creek about a mile downstream from here.