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First aidThe Real West LbNA #20113

Plant date:Jan 20, 2006
Planted by:PenGwen
Found by: ScienceGuySteve
Last found:Aug 26, 2018
Last edited:Jan 20, 2006
Not stroller friendly and summer heat should be avoided.

Paul de Fonville, the holder of gold card # 480, PRCA (Professional Rodeo Cowboys’ Association) is the chief executive, and tour guide at the Cowboy Memorial. This Memorial is housed in temporary quarters along the Walker Basin Road not far from Havilah or Caliente. Spend the $6.00 donation and you will hear more about cowboys than you ever imagined. Yep you can expect some obvious cowboy humor interwoven in his history lesson. Now if you are into S&M here is probably one of the largest collections of branding irons, in the country. Old photos, saddles, and even a stuffed long horn are in the collection. Paul will certainly keep a steady flow of cowboy history as you walk amongst the items. He is the last of his kind.

From Hwy 58 head north passing through Caliente and at the Y take the right turn toward Twin Oaks. (At Twin Oaks there is a restaurant that has surprisingly great chow.) Keep following this road and it will eventually turn into Walker Basin Rd and you will find the entrance to the Cowboy Memorial well marked on your right. Now if you want to pass on the tour you can access the letterbox by driving to the southeast corner of the Memorial’s wooden fence along the road you came in on. Locate the second pair of telephone poles further east and park in the dirt pull out on the north side of the road. The letterbox is located under some movable rocks and a log on the southeast corner of a rock outcropping above the level of the road. Look at the base of the slanted rock leaning east for the letterbox.

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