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Riverside Rest LbNA #2006

Plant date:Apr 18, 2002
Found by: Choi
Last found:Oct 21, 2013
Last edited:Apr 18, 2002
The Sacramento River flows through Redding and can be a welcome spot for a picnic much of the year. If you are traveling along the I-5 corridor, the short walk to this letterbox can be just the thing for stretching your legs, watching wildlife and perhaps catching a fish or two. If you happen to have more than one color of ink with you, this stamp is two sided and lends itself well to an overlay stamping extravaganza.

to the trailhead: From Highway 299 west take the Auditorium Drive exit. Follow the signs toward the Visitor Center. Immediately after crossing back over the freeway you will see a sign for the Turtle Bay main entrance. Turn right on this gravel road. Go to the gate and park.

to the letterbox: Walk through the gate and down the road. At the criss-crossed, striped parallelograms bear right. You will pass a wooden pole playing tic tac toe and a span that has taken a tumble. When you see (and hear) the wailing wall across the current head due west. Now is the time to be on the lookout for the rarest of gems, the red diamond. Once you find this treasure, set your compass for 60 degrees magnetic and head up the grassy knoll. With a pair of nearly naked riverside sentinels on your left, the letterbox is on your right
resting beneath pieces of bark.

NOTE: Please do not enter this box into any database. Contact me directly to report on its status.