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Dungeness Crab LbNA #19476

Plant date:Nov 27, 2005
Planted by:Green Guillemot
Found by: Lunchbox
Last found:Feb 9, 2016
Last edited:Nov 27, 2005
The northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula boasts vast numbers of Dungeness crab, the impressive Dungeness Spit, the townlet of Dungeness, and now also a little Dungeness letterbox.

If you wander down to Albert Haller's little county park and over to the modest boat launch, you will see the Old Oyster House. The new Dungeness lighthouse stands at the end of the big spit bearing 25 degrees, and the end of Cline Spit is visible at about 300 degrees.

Find the clam information center. Then face 285 degrees. 58 steps will bring you to the babe, and 31 more will take you to the herb. Just 37 steps further and you will come to the end of a large, slightly hollowed out beach log. At the western end of this log some small pieces of driftwood hide the opening to its semi-hollowed middle. Inside, the Dungeness crab is waiting to entertain visitors.

Please be discreet and re-hide the box carefully, as the beach log is in plain view. All compass readings are magnetic. There are ocean-view picnic tables and restrooms available at the park. Nearby you can find the amazing Dungeness Spit National Wildlife Refuge, the reasonably tasty Three Crabs Restaurant, and many lavender farms which are worth a visit during the peak of the season, June through August. Please drop me a note if you find this box. Thanks!

the Green Guillemot