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Santa & Yukon Cornelius LbNA #19213

Owner:Pink Panther Contact
Plant date:Nov 5, 2005
Found by: Deesel38
Last found:Jun 11, 2024
Last edited:Oct 25, 2015

Santa & Yukon went in search of Hermey and Rudolph in the wood Berks County which was originally owned by a man who produced hosiery. Santa parked the sleigh at the place wood was made into lumber. Santa & Yukon made their way to Mansion Road. When they saw the stone “steps to nowhere” on the left they sat at the very beginning of the low stone wall on the right side of the road to think. They saw a large rock at 70* with some branches beside it up on the hill. Santa went behind the large rock to investigate…

Yukon Cornelius

While Santa went to investigate the rock Yukon Cornelius wandered up Watershed Trail because he saw something sparkling and thought it might be silver or gold! He crossed six wooden bridges and Kissinger Trail. Standing on the southern corner of the first bridge after crossing the other trail he looked through the trunks of two trees at 190*. Yukon thought he saw the sparkle again near that tree. He wandered up the hill about 35 steps to the tree to find his treasure!

Let us know how you liked this adventure. There is more to come in the series. The series was inspired by Team Little Dog’s Laura’s Childhood Luvs. Black Swan really enjoyed the series. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer was Black Swan’s favorite childhood holiday program and is to this day!