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Apple Hill Visitor - POSSIBLY MISSING LbNA #19113 (ARCHIVED)

Owner:Black Cavalier
Plant date:Nov 5, 2005
County:El Dorado
Found by: zack n maddie
Last found:Oct 15, 2006
Last edited:Nov 5, 2005
NOTE: I've had a few reports of this missing. I hope to personally check on the box soon.

While playing with my daugther at Plubell's Family Orchard in Apple Hill (#20 on the map), a funny green light came out of the sky and landed in the woods near by. Deciding to find out what it was, we followed the nature trail from Plubell's towards Bolster's Hilltop Ranch & Winery (#45), taking the low road. After leaving Plubell's area, we walked for a while with only trees on our right.

Finally, after passing the 1st set of trees on the left, we noticed a strange green glow down the 2nd side trail on the right. Just before going down the trail I noticed there was a Plubell/Bolsters arrow sign on the fence at the top of the hill, just about straight up from where we were. This trail went down the hill a ways and then suddenly stopped.

Standing at the end of the trail, there was a split trunk tree to the left, with the green glow coming from behind it. I peeked around the trunks & saw the visitor, buried in the duff underneath where the trunks split. Not being sure what to do, we quickly left. Hopefully someone more knowledgable in this area might be able to provide assistance.