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Agua Linda Happy Gecko LbNA #18787

Plant date:Oct 20, 2005
Planted by:Saoirse
Found by: Romana
Last found:Jun 19, 2013
Last edited:Oct 20, 2005
Difficulty: Super easy
Terrain: Easy, almost a drive-by
Pets: OK
Kids: OK
Hand-carved stamp: Yes
First Finder's certificate: Yes

As of November 2008 this box has gone missing. It is my longest running letterbox and I am a bit depressed about that. I will try to get a replacement out as soon as time allows. In the meantime happy boxing everyone.

At the corner of Pima and McDonald Rds in Scottsdale, there is a small park called Agua Linda. It is interesting because of the large metal reptile sculptures that decorate the block. This park also has a great sand pit with misters, so you can dampen the sand and build sand castles. Woo hoo! Park in the Agua Linda parking lot and walk west along the sidewalk. You will pass a large metal tortoise sculpture. When you come to the long metal snake perched on the park wall, stop. There will be a tree directly south of the snake. At the base of the tree on the snake's side, you will find two rocks. The Happy Gecko resides underneath.

This is a high traffic area. Please be discreet and re-hide well.