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Crazy Carp LbNA #18747

Plant date:Oct 15, 2005
City:Lake Isabella
Planted by:Grumpy Grinch
Found by: Wellsboys
Last found:Mar 27, 2011
Last edited:Oct 15, 2005
A quick drive by letterbox, easy for those with knees sore from all the hiking in and around Kernville.

As we walked the shores of Lake Isabella, we were surprised to encounter many dead carp beached on the sand and rocks. This letterbox is our contribution to increasing the dwindling carp population in the lake.

Drive north from Lake Isabella on Highway 155 toward Kernville. You will pass the Lake Isabella Dam on your right just north of town. Turn into the Vista Point just past the dam. Park and walk down on the trail toward the lake a few steps. Turn right on the path. Walk to 3 metal uprights in front of a boulder "bench". Facing the lake at the most northern post, walk 5 steps to your left. Look under the rock cairn in front of a tree-shaded boulder.