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Rudolph & Hermey LbNA #18426

Owner:Pink Panther Contact
Plant date:Sep 25, 2005
Found by: Deesel38
Last found:Jun 12, 2024
Last edited:Sep 25, 2005

Rudolph and Hermey wanted to get to the North again but sort of got lost and stopped at the woods in Berks County which was originally owned by a man who produced hosiery.. They thought they might need glasses and not just dental work, because they were at an intersection on Boulevard x 3! They wanted a drink of water, but the pump was broken, so they decided to head North on the trail (of course!). They came to a path post, but decide North was still the best direction for them because that was where Santa lived. Sitting on a bench at probably the highest part of the forest, Rudolph looked at a large tree at 120*. What was under that SPOR??? Rudolph decided that was a good place to rest before continuing on the journey.

Hermey decide he would look for a nice “cavity” to rest in, because he wanted to be a dentist. Dentists always fill cavities!! He wandered down the trail at 220* from Rudolph’s resting place to find a nice spot for himself to rest up. He saw a short cut on an unmarked trail at 280* and thought that looked interesting so down he went and went down the new trail at 70*. He knew he could also follow the trail he was on to find Coffee Pot too but short cuts are much more fun (even if you are a dentist!). He went doooowwwwn the trail. He saw a large 10-12’ stump on the right side of the trail and counted 36. That he thought was the number of teeth most elves had. There he saw at 130* the molar shape stump with the perfect cavity to fill.

Let us know how you liked this adventure. There is more to come in the series. The series was inspired by Laura’s Childhood Luvs Series. Black Swan really enjoyed the series. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer was Black Swan’s favorite holiday program as a child and to this day!