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FunHog Lake Plateau LbNA #1774

Plant date:Apr 22, 2002
City:Red Bluff
Found by: Chaos Muppet
Last found:Nov 1, 2014
Last edited:Mar 15, 2016
With a name like this, it had to have one of my boxes. The location is wonderful in the spring, covered with wildflowers, a vernal pond, egrets, woodpeckers and a lot of cows. Beware the cowpies and poison oak.

To the traihead: Go east from I-5 in Red Bluff to the junction of Highways 36 and 99. Go 7 1/2 miles on 36 to the Hog Lake Plateau parking area on the left side of the road.

To the letterbox: Walk north on the gravel road. When this road turns to the west, leave the gravel and head uphill. Once on the plateau, walk along the ridge towards the volcanoes. When you find yourself standing between two neighbors felled by fire, set your compass for 320 degrees magnetic. Follow this heading until you meet a third charred victim. Change your course to 260 degrees and walk about 60 steps to the bearer of blue berries. Circumnavigate this pungent friend until you spot a flat rectangular rock at your feet. The letterbox rests beneath.

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