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Glen Alpine Springs LbNA #17608

Owner:artTrekker Contact
Plant date:Aug 21, 2005
City:South Lake Tahoe
County:El Dorado
Found by: sun7flour
Last found:Sep 1, 2019
Last edited:Aug 21, 2005
John Muir wrote: The Glen Alpine Springs Resort seems to me one of the most delightful places in all the famous Tahoe region. From no other valley, as far as I know, may excursions be made in a single day to so many peaks, wild gardens, glacier lakes, glacier meadows, and alpine groves, cascades and the like.

Indeed, the Glen Alpine Trail leads right into Desolation Wilderness, and, as I hiked the long way (from Echo Lake) to place this box, I experienced all the mountain wonders that Muir extolled. If you are a strong hiker, you can combine the search for this box with at least one or two others, but taken alone it is a mostly level 2 mile round trip.

From Highway 89 take Fallen Leaf Lake Road to the Lily Lake Parking lot (approx. 5 miles--turn left at the fire station & drive carefully, as the road is a single lane and bumpy in spots). Walk the Glen Alpine Trail 1 mile. Go to the northmost corner stone buttress of the Maybeck-designed Assembly Hall. Take a step or two towards the chimney, to the south corner of this buttress. Act as if you're peering in the windows at the exhibits inside. Hiding place is to your right at about knee height behind flat-faced chinking stone. (Just so you know, I added the chinking stone to an existing niche. I did not go pulling at the existing stones in the masonry.) Please remove and replace carefully, respect the history here. Green benches by spring make a nice place to sit and stamp.