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Round Hill Letterbox LbNA #17376

Owner:Dale End Farm
Plant date:Aug 14, 2005
Planted by:Andileo
Found by: Memere
Last found:Dec 20, 2023
Last edited:Dec 26, 2015
Round Hill Letterbox

See the Sudbury Valley Trustees website for directions, trail maps, and policies:
Terrain: Moderate
Clues : Easy

(Please bring a stamp pad, as there is none in the letterbox.)

Round Hill is a small but beautiful reserve in Sudbury, adjacent to the Lincoln Meadows Conservation area. It encompasses wetland, pine forest and deciduous forest in one small area. The view from the hilltop is great, especially in winter. But try to get this letterbox in Spring or Summer, when the ferns are at their best!

Park in the small lot for Lincoln Meadows, on Lincoln Road. Put your insect repellent on here, because the mosquitoes take no prisoners! Walk straight in , passing the community gardens on your left. When you get to the end of the fields the trail will turn right and enter the woods. Before long you will see some wooden posts along the left side - take the small path on the left between the first two. Follow the path downhill and into the flat lowlands.

The mossy winding trail will lead you to a fork, with a vernal pool ahead of you. Left leads you into the wetlands - but today take the right fork. The path gets drier and leads uphill into a patch of pine forest. Take the right path, next to a big old pine.

If it is Spring or Summer, maybe even Autumn, you will pass through a beautiful sea of ferns, stretching out on all sides. Eventually you will come to a T, just past a large stump. Go right and continue uphill on a carpet of pine needles. At the next Y, leave the ferns behind and go left. You will pass through a stone wall.

Soon you will come to a grassy clearing, with a large fire ring ahead and a nice view beyond. Find Mister Forster, about 60 small steps from the fire ring if you stay on the path. Share the view with him and ask him his age before returning to the fire ring. Look around and see a huge old oak tree near some rocks. Go to the tree and face right.

If Mister Forster had lived 12 years longer, that would be the number of steps you should take downhill along the stone wall. There at the junction, under some rocks is the prize! Stamp in and leave your thoughts. Be sure to carefully re-hide the box before returning to the grassy clearing.

To get back to the parking lot you can return the way you came or take the dirt road leading down from the clearing. When you get back, send me an email to let me know you found it!