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"Puppy and I" Letterboxes LbNA #17313

Plant date:Aug 11, 2005
City:Coeur d'Alene
Found by: AngelLion (5)
Last found:Jul 3, 2020
Last edited:Aug 11, 2005
"Puppy and I" Letterboxes

I must say this series of Letterboxes was so much fun for me to do. Combining a few of my favorites things into one hobby is great. Hope you enjoy the journey.

Starting point:

Take I-90 to Wolf Lodge exit 22, just east of Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Go south on Highway 97 towards Harrison. You will drive along the lake on this road, seeing Wolf Lodge Bay, Mineral Ridge, Beauty Bay. When you reach Beauty Creek Road turn off Highway 97 onto Beauty Creek Road (Forest Service Road 438). Not far up this road you will see Beauty Creek Campground on the right side of the road. There is a parking place here if you are doing this journey on bicycles or walking. Driving is totally possible through out and each letterbox place has an area to pull off the road and park. Continue up the road past the campground which ever mode of transportation you choose.

Now the Clues for each Letterbox:


Travel up Beauty Creek Road FSR #438 . Almost .10 of a mile past Beauty Creek Campground there is a place to pull off to the side of the road. Find the sign that reads "No Over Night Camping Next 5 miles". It is laying down currently, but it will be placed upright soon, hopefully. Stand with your back to this sign and walk 42 steps back along the road towards the campground. Note a multi-trunked deciduous tree on the creek side of the road. You should find the first letterbox #1 hidden among the trunks, down on the creek side of this tree.


Travel on up the road approximately 0.8 mile from the Man until you see a place that has been used for picnicing/camping. There is a wide spot to use for parking. Someone has made a small fire pit here. Take 16 steps from the Fire Pit towards two ceder trees with a log wedged in between them. There is a stump on the fire pit side of these trees. This is where the horse use to hide. From this place walk back to the road, you will see a street sign (at time of planting, this sign was damaged). Beyond the street sign you see a tree with a blue spot on it. Walk up to this tree. Directly across the road from this blue spotted tree is a stump up the bank. The stumps roots are visible. The horse is hidden behind the lowest moss covered root, covered with some rocks. Please use care in this sensive area and caution on this road. .


Travel on up the road approximently 0.9 mile from the Horse. There is a great parking place just off the road between 2 large cedar trees. There was a house here at one time and a couple old mines can be seen if you hike up the trail from here. To find the letterbox hidden at this site. Locate a very large rock between two raspberry bushes. Stand facing the large rock on the side that faces the road. Find the letterbox #3 hidden under a moss covered smaller rock at the base of this large rock.


To find the next letterbox travel on up the road to 257 Trailhead. It is approximately 0.6 mile from the Woman. The place to get off the road and park is at a wide spot on the left side of road. To find this letterbox hike up the trail on the left side of the road, opposite of Trail 257 Trailhead. Take 42 steps from the road up this trail, turn to your left, (about 330 degrees on the compass) Note the roots of the trees in the bank that look like they could be rabbit holes. Turn your back to them and look for a stump at 2 o'clock. ( about 210 degrees on the compass). This letterbox #4 is hidden in this hollow stump.


The next and last letterbox in this series is up Trail 257. Go back to the parking spot. Cross the road to the 257 Trailhead. Hike down to the creek. You will need to cross Beauty Creek. In the spring this creek can run pretty high. There is a large log across the creek that some one has flattened on the top side, so using it for a bridge is do-able. If it is summer - late summer - fall you can just rock hop across the creek with little or no trouble. After your cross, continue to hike up the trail. It is moderate in difficulty. And is hike-able April through October. After the creek crossing you will see the trail climb it's way up the side of the hill. Note the sign the reads "No motorized Vehicles". From this sign, take 58-62 (depending on your stride) steps up the hill. We will pass by 8 large trees that live on the right side of the trail as you take your steps. After traveling the distance, at the 8th tree, you should see some debris below the trail on the right side. Almost under the trail here, the last letterbox #5 is hidden under some small logs.
Hope you enjoy the hunt. Hope you enjoy Beauty Creek, Kootenai County, Idaho
Most Sincerely, God bless ~Sondog

My letterboxes:
If you find one and it is in disrepair, in "bad" shape -Please simply notify me. I prefer to do my own repairs and/or replacements. Thanks.