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American Eagle LbNA #16975 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jul 30, 2005
City:Little Rock
Planted by:NancyDrew
Found by: Hardy Girl
Last found:Sep 30, 2006
Last edited:Jul 30, 2005
MISSING 7/4/07 -Replacement to be carved

The American Eagle letterbox is located on President Clinton Ave near the Clinton Presidential Library. A large statue of an eagle is located near the entrance of the library. Encircling the back half of the statue is a semi-circular shaped bench. Facing the eagle, count 6 seats in from the left. Sit in the sixth seat. Looking over your left shoulder you should see a small evergreen bush. The letterbox is hidden under that bush on the south side. There is a lot of tourists in this area walking to and from the library so be on the look out.

Currently this box is missing. I will update when I get it replaced.

Happy Hunting,