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Vertical Ascent LbNA #16828

Owner:Wisconsin Hiker Contact
Plant date:Jul 24, 2005
Found by: Great Lakes Hiker
Last found:Jun 9, 2024
Last edited:Sep 28, 2015
Last found/checked: 27-SEP-15 Box in great shape. I will add a third logbook next time we are out that way.

Location: state park south of Baraboo
Time: 1 - 3 hours depending on how many boxes you do
Terrain: rocky bluffs & wooded trails; several steep sections
Note: You will need a vehicle sticker to park in this area. 2007 fees are: Daily: $7/$10 for non-resident or Annual: $25/$35. Ask for a copy of the park newspaper or trail maps if you’d like to see the almost 30 miles of trails in this park.

This hike starts on the South Shore. You can either start here or look for this box as a continuation of a loop after finding the Demon’s Dwelling box.

Devil's Lake sits at an elevation of 960 ft. To the east, west and south, the lake is bound by bluffs that rise to an elevation of 1,450 ft (highest point: 1,467 ft on top of West Bluff). The bluffs are made of cliffs and large talus fields and are partially covered by a forest of White Pines, Mountain Ash and Birch trees. This park is a premier destination in Wisconsin for rock climbers and you may see some of them along this hike.

Start on the Balanced Rock trail. To get to the trailhead, take the path between the parking lot and the picnic shelters, heading east. The trail will cross over the railroad tracks and shortly reach an intersection with a trail map. Go straight up the rocks on the Balanced Rock trail! This is a difficult, steep trail with stone steps on the south face of the East Bluff, with great views of Balanced Rock along the way.

Eventually, huffing and puffing, you will reach a well-like structure that unfortunately does NOT dispense any water. Hopefully you have brought along plenty yourself, especially if it is a very hot July day similar to the day we hid these boxes! From this structure, take 40 paces to the right (~ south). You should see a large evergreen tree holding back some rocks on the right side of the trail. Look in a crevice in the rocks near this tree to find what you seek. The box is hidden by some loose rocks that you should replace after stamping in.

From here you can retrace your steps or continue on to look for the Snake Story box. If continuing on, return to the well-like structure.

We hope you enjoyed your hunt and since we don’t live in the area we would really appreciate an update on the status of the box if you find it. We won’t be able to check on it very often…