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Jumping star fish LbNA #16767

Plant date:Jul 22, 2005
County:San Joaquin
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Nov 25, 2009
Last edited:Jul 22, 2005
Planted by: Joey, Oma, and Otto (English Springer Spaniel).

Travel toward the Stockton college, known briefly by the 4th letter of the Greek alphabet. Several entrances from either Pacific, Pershing, even road adjacent to Firestation #4, will lead you to the campus. Park in any of the lots and traverse by foot, toward the center of campus. Several maps along the way will give some assistance. Search for a small body of water inhabited by fresh water sea creatures, some of which COULD be about 200 years old. Once this "pond" is discovered, take some time to enjoy the inhabitants, the water lillies, and other flora and geology. You'll soon discover why a 5 armed, spiney creature couldn't exist with these ancient fresh water orange, black & white finned specimens. When you've finished enjoying these koi, turn your back to the pond, face east and look for 3 concrete disks that serve as stepping stones to a raised boardwalk. Take 20 paces from the pond to the boardwalk.......peer underneath for a concrete support. Look for a rock to the right of the support, lift and find your treasure, still seeking briney water.