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Marsh Marigold LbNA #16227

Owner:Clueless Contact Inactive
Plant date:Jul 2, 2005
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Dec 9, 2023
Last edited:Jul 2, 2005
This letterbox was placed in conjunction with the IALC letterbox exchange. The stamp, journal and box presentation were prepared by Cavy Lovers, then planted by me.

Allow 45 minutes for this box, more if you stop for lunch along the shores of Old Marsh Pond like I did right after planting.

This is a relatively easy walk along gently rolling hills. Very pretty, too!

This walk starts where the Tunxis trail can be accessed along East Plymouth Road in Terryville. With mapping programs, enter the destination as "East Plymouth Road and Preston Road, Terryville, CT"; from there, you will need to travel north (left from where Preston T's into East Plymouth) about a half mile. You'll see a gate right at the road on the right, with space for a handful of cars just beyond and also across the road.

Enter the trail by walking around the gate.

Not long after passing through the gate, you will make a right onto a narrow trail opposite a wooden sign board. This blue-blazed trail is the Tunxis trail, and you will stay on it for the rest of this walk.

Follow the blue blazes. At the intersection you'll stay straight on the blue blazed trail. You'll soon see the pond on your left beyond a grassy area (is this really a pond? My trails book says it is Old Marsh Pond, but it looks like a reservoir to me). Very quickly now you will see foundation remnants on your left. Around to the back (water) side, remove the rock close to (but not part of) the foundation.

PLEASE rehide well - add a few leaves to naturalize, if you wish - I don't want the box to become litter. Thank you!!

You may notice clues for a bonus box in the logbook; however, the bonus box is missing.

You can return to your car by following the blue-blazed trail back, turning left at the wooden sign post. Turning right here will have you continuing to follow the Tunxis Trail. You can really make an afternoon of this by hiking up to the Miles of Ledges boxes. I spent several hours here doing this. It was beautiful, and I really earned the ice cream I had afterwards. Really.