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Missing My Cats LbNA #15635

Plant date:Jun 4, 2005
City:Zephyr Cove
Planted by:A-Bear (&J-Bear) Contact Inactive
Found by: JoySong
Last found:Jun 14, 2021
Last edited:Jun 4, 2005
Placed by J&A-Bear

Directions: Traveling from South Lake Tahoe, north along Highway 50 you will enter Nevada and see all the Casinos. Continue north and find the Safeway at 212 Hwy 50 with a visitor center in the same shopping complex. Park near the car wash (what must have been the car wash now has a construction fence around it.) that has trails at its rear in the northwest corner of this shopping complex.

I love to travel, but I sure do miss my cats along the way. This box is placed in honor of Navy Seal, Princess Eli and Crusher as well as to our temporary guest cats: Ralphy and Sara.

Starting behind the car wash (well where it used to be), take the trail lined with ‘Revegetation Area Please Stay Off’ signs that heads NW. After the revegetation signed area, head 20 paces up from the cream colored rocks sitting on a fallen log. At this point look for small boulders on the right about 5 paces off the trail. There’s a small boulder split in 3 with a slightly bigger boulder sitting atop. Slid in a crevice on the north side behind some rocks find Missing My Cats.