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Hard Rock Lake LbNA #15615

Plant date:Jun 4, 2005
Found by: karate hiker
Last found:May 27, 2008
Last edited:Feb 7, 2020
The Hard Rock Lake Letterbox

Take Iron Springs Rd. West approx 2.8 miles (from the beginning at intersection of Willow Creek Rd).

Turn R on Granite Basin Lake Rd. #374. Enter the Granite Basin recreation area, Prescott National Forest.

Go to the end of the road to the fee parking area (approx 3.9 mi from Iron Springs).

Walk to the lake, past the restrooms. Face the lake and walk to your right around the lake. Find trail #345. Stay on this trail until you come to a sharp left turn. Go 80 steps and start looking for a large boulder beside the right side of the trail. Go 32 steps past large boulder on your right you will see a Juniper tree on your right. Turn left, look for 3 boulders beside trail. Go up the hill, look for a large blackish boulder leaning against a tree and 3 large boulders on your left. Go between the large blackish boulder and these 3 boulders.
Look for a pile of rocks! Good hunting!!