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Mother's Meadow LbNA #15387

Plant date:May 29, 2005
Planted by:Rubaduc
Found by: quiltjoy
Last found:May 23, 2023
Last edited:May 29, 2005
Another box at Sweetheart Mountain Ski Area in Collinsville.

Follow clues to East Vile Nirus and after replacing the box, stay on the yellow trail going up for a little bit more and then it's all down hill, going past lovely rock ledges.
Keep an eye open for the double red blaze on the left (it would be hard to miss it) and start following red. Almost immediately on the right will be more signs of the ski area equipment, a wheel high on a pole.
Mostly you'll be walking in the forest but you will come to a small open area with ferns growing and a stone wall way in the woods to the right. Watch carefully for another ski pole (no pun intended) with a wire over the trail connecting it to another pole.
The trail then turns right and up ahead you'll see an arrow as well as a double blaze to ensure that you take another right up a few stone steps. After this, watch for a pretty good view of downtown Collinsville on the left and then there will be a jumble of rocks across the trail.
When you have to walk between two very large ones, climb atop the one on the right and take a reading of 240 degrees to the top of the ridgeline. Look under a "V" overhang formed by two flat ledges). Be very careful bushwhacking up the slope especially in winter. Cover well as it could be seen from the trail
Thanks for the visit.