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The Northwest Passage LbNA #14685

Plant date:Apr 24, 2005
County:British Columbia, CAN
State:British Columbia, Canada
Planted by:TeamNorthwestPassage
Found by: PacificRimPandas
Last found:May 9, 2012
Last edited:Apr 24, 2005
Note: This box is still dry, alive, and well as of April 16, 2007.


This letterbox is located in Playfair Park, which is in the Quadra/McKenzie area of Victoria.

There are two main entrances to this park. The clues assume that you are beginning from the smaller entrance, which is located off of Cumberland Road.

Traveling along Quadra Street, turn on to Palmer Road (which is a right if you are coming from Downtown). Then, make a quick right on to Cumberland Road. The park is on the right-hand side of Cumberland Road. You can park along the shoulder here.

Note: Please don't forget to bring an ink-pad, because, sadly, the box does not have one of its own.

Note: In the clues below, we will refer to directions, such as North and West. These directions are not absolute; they are relative to where one is facing. In other words, you do not need a compass, nor should you use one.


First, it is imperative and unavoidable that, before you begin, you must COUNT the number of large, wooden posts that mark the perimeter of the park entrance. Be sure to write down or memorize this number, because you MUST know this number to complete the final leg of your journey. (We will refer to this number as Number XYZ.)

(When counting the posts, you will come across a singular Golden “5”. This Golden “5” marks your starting point.)

--Beginning from the Golden “5” at the trail-head, start your quest by traveling 65 paces (45 seconds) along the trail.

--After walking these paces, forge inland and Westward along a new gravel trail.

--Continue along this trail until you encounter a pair of giant, bark-covered, topsy-turvy ‘trousers’. Upon spotting the ‘trousers’, continue along the brick-marked high-road for 20 paces (19 seconds), at which time you’ll reach a cross-road.

--Forge Westward for another 28 paces.

--Continue Westward still for yet another 34 paces.

--By now, your exploration will have found you with an earthly design at your feet. Travel to the end of this design and STOP.

--Size up your surroundings. Notice another singular Golden “5”. But this Golden “5” is a bad omen, so you head in the opposite direction, for 17 paces. (This latter pace-count begins from the end of the earthly design.)

--Now, with your back to the ‘wall’, you push off anew, in a less-traveled direction. Take 17 paces (13 seconds) along this less-weathered way.

--You should now be at a small fork. Head Eastward for 24 paces (20 seconds).

--You will now find yourself at another fork. Stay straight, and take # more paces (Number XYZ MINUS 20). STOP!

--Look to your East. Notice a (small) ridge. Climb straight to the top of this ridge for 12 paces (14 seconds).

--Continuing in the same Eastward direction, travel down to the other side of the ridge, down into the center of the small ‘valley’ below.

--The box you seek lies nestled in a tiny cavern, roughly four metres from where you are now standing.