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And they're off!! LbNA #13946

Owner:Kristal & Ron Contact
Plant date:Mar 23, 2005
Found by: AZBlueLion
Last found:Feb 1, 2013
Last edited:Mar 23, 2005
This box can be found at Rillito Downs Racetrack in north-central Tucson – off of 1st Avenue, between River and Wetmore. The driveway is on the east side of the road, between the track’s stables and the Rillito Business Park.


To the layman, the track doesn’t look like much, but in horse racing circles it’s an historical landmark. This was the birthplace of many racing innovations still in use today. Weighted handicaps, futurities, derbies and stake races, and photo-electric timers all began as experiments right here. The first-ever photo-finish was recorded at Rillito Downs. Many world famous sprinters, including Shue Fly, have run here in the foothills of the beautiful Catalina Mountains.

Famed Kentucky Derby winning trainer Bob Baffert grew up in Nogales and began his career as a jockey at Rillito. He attended the University of Arizona and earned a degree in Racetrack Management. His first thoroughbred winner was Flipper Star on January 28, 1979 at Rillito Downs.

Live races are still held on weekends from late January to early March. This is also the new location of the U of A’s Spring Fling, the largest student-run carnival in the country, in early April.


Find the old red “Entrance” arrow at the edge of the parking lot. The box is inside the sign, underneath the “tr”.

*** If you are under six feet tall, you will need to bring a step-stool to reach it! ***

Very occasionally there are special events like charity walks and RV shows held here, but you will usually only have to watch out for people exercising along the nearby Rillito River.