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Dragonfly Fly By LbNA #13348

Owner:Wascally Wabbit Contact
Plant date:Feb 6, 2005
Found by: Queen Pawn
Last found:May 30, 2011
Last edited:Feb 6, 2005
-Find a "lot" between 100 & 120 on Saddle Wood Dr. Park in turnout opposite.
-Go up the trail near "Caution Children at Play". Are they playing something dangerous we need to be cautious of? (I’ve been on this street 12 times and have NEVER seen a child outside playing??)
-the trail is pretty steep at first but then levels off slightly before getting steep again-keep going.
-get to the crest. As the trail starts to slope down you will see 101 and the airport. When you can see the airport without the trees obstructing your view, you will see a lesser used trail heading NNE-take it!
-Go approx. 55 steps (not paces)
-@ 110 degrees is a tree with 3 trunks.
-box is slightly above eye level (for me; i'm 5'10") in one trunk, in large knot. Be Careful of the barbed wire someone placed on tree many years a go.
-If you are quiet you can hear the wonderful humm of the cars! Enjoy!
-Dogs, horses and bikes ok, might be steep for kids but only 300-400 yards.