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Rated X LbNA #13108

Plant date:Jan 15, 2005
City:Mill Valley
Planted by:bonedoc Contact Inactive
Found by: Jillybean
Last found:Feb 4, 2012
Last edited:Jan 15, 2005
This box is located at the East Peak on Mt. Tamalpais.
The views are fabulous.
There is a snack bar, picnic tables and restrooms here.
The walk is uphill, but not long. The path is rocky.

It is best to read the directions to the Purple Flower box first and then use these directions:
From Purple Flowers, continue up the hill. You will see a road split and a sign that reads: East Ridge Crest Blvd. 2.9 miles. Take a right here and continue up. The parking lot is where the road dead ends.

There is a $6.00 parking fee which will go towards maintenance of this area. However, you can also turn around in the parking lot and park just a few walking minutes back down the hill for free (in a small dirt pullout).

Clues: Walk up the Bare Wood planks. XXX-pect the planks to turn into stairs and then into a dirt/rock path.
The hike up is short, but XXXhilerating.
On your left you will have an XXXeptional view of Lake Lagunitas and Bon Tempe Lake.
When you see the XXXtremely Big Rock in front of you, the path will curve to the right.
The path will make a few XXXtra turns and soon you will see, directly in front of you, a Long Erect post.
From here, walk 7 X 3 steps over roXXX and towards the upside down Butt Crack rock.
Can you see Mt. Diablo in the distance?
Facing Butt Crack rock, the boXXX is at 9pm to your left (unless it has been put elsewhere by others).
You must take a few XXXtra steps between the brush, climb over a low rock and towards a smaller rock.
Reach behind the left side of the rock, Deep into the Bush and feel for something Hard.
XXXellent!!!! You found it! The Rated X boXXX!
However, don't stop Prematurely. When you are done here, continue up for the full XXX-perience. Go back to the XXXing at the post and go up towards the fire watch tower to find the Mt. Tam boXXX.