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Go Spartans! (Second Box Planted!) LbNA #12807

Plant date:Sep 1, 2006
City:San Jose
County:Santa Clara
Found by: Kudichan
Last found:Dec 16, 2014
Last edited:Sep 1, 2006
(The Go Spartans! stamp is now replanted in a new location. The image is the same as the old one, but I'll be adding two more boxes to the series.)

Go Spartans: In the city of San Jose, there is a bUilding named after a civil rights hero that acts as a READING BRIDGE betweeN the city and an institution of learning. There are EIGHT floors filleD with information and activitiEs. The loweR floors contaiN books that thE generAl public can enjoy while the top floor conTains scHolarly books. The scholarly books use the library of congress method of classification rather than dewy decimal. An example of library of congress would be QR 1.A5 vol 57. If you're feeling generous like Jacqueline Mailloux and Robert Hapgood Cowden, you can donate money and have a set of stacks in your name. Don't forget to enjoy the view!

*New Box* - added Dec. 31st! SJSU Logo - this simple mosaic pattern can be found all over campus. It also appear on SJSU letterheads.

As you can tell from the first box, the big picture windows offer fantastic views of downtown San Jose. Go see what the area around PR2899.S52X has to offer.

Coming soon: Tower Hall!

A few notes: please be aware of hours and holiday closures and please keep the noise level low.