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Fruit Basket LbNA #12345

Owner:Bell Lady
Plant date:Nov 21, 2004
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Nov 18, 2023
Last edited:Nov 21, 2004

Several pieces of fruit have been placed here and about in no specific order. They are numbered for my own convenience. There is no specific destination for this series. Just a nice hike which I hope you enjoy.

From Countryside Park, Huckleberry Hill Rd. in Avon, walk over the covered bridge to the trail sign and turn right following the yellow blazes. Be careful, the path is very narrow in places and sometimes not level.

Just after the second yellow blaze see a V tree on left with a fallen dead tree in the V. Go under the dead tree into a depression and examine the area where the dead tree hits the ground. Look about 2 ft. to the right for the box.

Please replace carefully and completely so nothing is visible from the trail.

Continue on the yellow blazed trail, up, down and around, to a bent tree on the right with 3 upright limbs. Yellow goes sharply to the right in this area and so should you. At the base of the embankment, look at 115 degrees for a rock with roots over it. Look to the right of the roots for a downed log on the bank. Look behind the left side of the fern on the right end of that log. Be sure the box is secure and well covered with bark and leaves before you leave.

Back on the yellow trail,(it is very overgrown from here to the road) cross the bridge and come to the road. Turn right and walk down to Huckleberry Hill Rd. Cross the road to the brown hiking trail sign. Follow the blazes - they appear to be orange painted over red - over logs and a bridge to a T. Go left. Look for a flat stone on the right and pass through some hemlocks. Go to the second chair stump/tree on the left. (The "chair seats" are now quite rotted but should be identifiable.) Turn to the right and walk 11-12 steps perpendicular to the trail to a rotten fallen. On the backside near the rock it lies upon is the new resting place of the pineapple.

Continue on orange. At the junction with white, stay with orange to the left. Cross the wet area on the planks. Just before the next bridge, take a right onto yellow, up hill a short way to a large stump on the left. Behind the stump is a rotting log or two. Pick your plums from the closer one under bark. Please re-cover carefully sealing all containers carefully.

From the stump, return to the bridge and cross over, continuing north, now on yellow. The blazes are now yellow and white. Cross another bridge. Notice blue blazes going off to the right, but stay on yellow. See three whiteish rocks on the right with nice green ferns before them which may hide them a bit. Look for a peach in the V of the stones. Please be very sure to re-cover carefully.

That’s all the fruit I have for this trail. Continuing on brings you to a T but I don’t think it is a loop, so turn around at the stones and retrace your steps to Huckleberry Hill Rd., following the yellow and taking orange after the bridge where yellow veers off to the left. At the road, either retrace your steps across the road on the yellow trail, or walk down H.H. Rd. to the left until you reach Countryside Park where you are parked. Be careful - it is a busy road.