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The "Merc" LbNA #12110

Plant date:Nov 8, 2004
Planted by:antimony Contact Inactive
Found by: Sophie's Pirates
Last found:Aug 29, 2012
Last edited:Nov 8, 2004
i did NOT travel into the future to check on this box as the flag would indicate! But I did check on it as of Nov 2006 - box is ok and has a permanent home at the Merc. Near this location (up toward Bowman lake) we spotted a couple of moose and some grizzly and wolf tracks in the snow. Pretty cool to this suburban flatlander!

This letterbox is located in the city of Polebridge Montana which is about 1 mi from the Polebridge entrance to Glacier National Park. If you feel more adventurous (and have good suspension in your vehicle) take N 486 from Columbia Falls ~32 mi.

Rating: Easy. Is inaccessible during evening and may be so during portions of winter. This letterbox was placed by this KY girl to encourage people to visit this quirky and fascinating location in Montana. Thanks Duz for taking me new places.

Clues: Find this building in Polebridge on the National Historic Register. Look at the cool stuff inside. I defy you to resist the baked goods....mmmmm! When the store is empty of customers, ask the clerk for the box and they will give it to you. This tiny place can be amazingly busy so try to be discreeet when stamping.

Since this box is so remote please let me know when you "find" it through the contact the placer. Torture me by telling me what delicious goodie you ate there. Drooling in KY.