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Mount Tallac LbNA #11214

Plant date:Sep 18, 2004
City:South Lake Tahoe
County:El Dorado
Planted by:Toucan
Found by: artTrekker
Last found:Jul 28, 2005
Last edited:Sep 18, 2004
Box Update (August 2007)... The lower box is still in place and in great shape. The upper box is confirmed missing.

Take the path where you’ll Float by an Island and pass by a watery Cathedral. After the Cathedral the path gets steeper. Then the trail opens up into a giant bowl. Before going up the big switch backs that lead out of the upper end of the bowl, watch for a giant pine tree off to your right standing alone – it’s a ways off the trail, but very distinct looking. This tree is unique because it looks like a giant windblown cypress tree. It has a red trunk and may be a Jeffery Pine. Remember the look of this tree as it is a clue to the first letterbox. Continue on up the switchback to the top of the headwall and continue on the path upward through the high windswept meadow. As you continue you’ll be in a sparse forest area, watch for a pair of trees immediately to the right of the trail. The twin trees you are looking for look very much like the one passed by earlier. (If you get to another pair of trees that splits the trail – you’ve gone to far.) At the first pair of trees, look in the hollow of the lighter colored tree trunk for a pile of rocks. The letterbox is under the rocks.

After stamping in, continue to the top of the mountain. At the summit, go to the tallest cluster of rocks sticking up. Just beyond those jagged rocks, is a large tilted sheer-rock that has a flat top slanting away and to the North. Carefully lean over and look for a small hole in the rock – about 1 foot beyond the upper edge. Do not crawl out on this ledge – it is easily reachable by keeping your feet safely on the ground above! Inside the hole under a pile of little rocks and twigs you’ll find the summit letterbox.

Notes: This hike is rated difficult. Be aware of the weather conditions before setting out. It’s best to summit when there is very little or no snow on top. And, early in the day before thunderstorms roll in. Take plenty of water. Allow a minimum of 7 hours for this strenuous round trip hike.