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Midnight Ramblers LbNA #10886

Owner:CSB bc Contact
Plant date:Sep 12, 2004
County:British Columbia, CAN
Found by: kindersuprise
Last found:Mar 29, 2009
Last edited:Sep 12, 2004
Location: Campbell Valley Regional Park
Difficulty: Easy

There are 2 boxes at the North Valley entrance,(approx. 1 km) and 2 boxes at the South Valley entrance, (approx. 2 km).

Scent of Fear Letterbox

The North Valley entrance is off 16th Avenue, near 200th Street. Enter the Little River Loop trail to the right of the kiosk. Enjoy the leisurely walk passing a clearing on your right. Continue along to find a small bench on the left. From there, pace 55 to where stands a large tree with a root pointing in the right direction. Walk between the two pairs, and look to 11:00 to see a group of young trees. Check the fir's feet.

Sneaky Sleeper Letterbox

Continue along the Little River Loop trail, crossing an informative lookout area which crosses the Little Campbell River. Continue along and watch on your right for a large U maple. (not far behind it see large entwined maples) Pace 50 from the U to find a small cluster of maples up and to your right. This group holds a snuggly little bed.

Complete the loop crossing over another lookout area.

The South Valley entrance is off 8th Avenue, near 200th Street. Choose a parking spot in the area right after the "all traffic" sign.


Walk to the right of the washrooms and find the Dogwood Rest Area. From this spot head 180 degrees magnetic across the clearing and through an opening in the trees to find the Heritage Farm. Once through the opening head left where you will find Ravine Trail. As you follow this trail notice a large cedar on the left with a burl. Further on the trail will begin to descend and curve to the right. Near the end of the next boardwalk you'll encounter a large cedar to the left. Next to this tree are some good hiding places for a night creature trying to stay out of sight.

Prickly Problem Letterbox

Continue on and notice a little lookout on your left. Keep walking until you pass through a wooden fence. Pace 20 from the end of the next boardwalk, and on the left find an accommodating cedar tree.

Complete Ravine Trail and you'll easily find your way back to the parking lot.