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It's Thumb-Butte-iful Place LbNA #10780

Owner:AZGirl Contact
Plant date:Sep 9, 2004
Found by: ???
Last found:Feb 17, 2013
Last edited:Sep 19, 2015

Note: This is a replacement box, as the first one disappeared. The new box has a hand carved stamp in it.

In central Arizona is a quaint little town
Nestled in the Bradshaws, it's become quite renown.

Once home to Bucky O'Neill and Sharlott Hall
Twas the second territorial capital.

Big Nosed Kate is buried here
In the cemetery for the pioneer.

"The World's Oldest Rodeo" is a yearly event-
Watch cowboys rope and ride, you'll be glad you went.

Have you figured out the name of this place?
Then you're well on your way to solving this case.

So here are more clues to help you find the treasure.
Take your time and enjoy our town in full measure.

Go to the base of a rocky butte that's shaped like a digit.
Take Gurley Street west--you surely can't miss it.

Beside the courthouse square, north to south, lies a street,
Named for an Aztec king whose revenge has been sweet.

Start counting from there, go west 3.5 miles
On the right is a parking lot, rest your car for a while.

(Somewhere along the way on this route
Gurley Street becomes a road called Thumb Butte).

Across the road you'll begin to hike
Foot traffic only--no horse, no bike.

Oh dear, now you've reached a fork in the trail
Which way up will help you prevail?

One way is easier, the other is harder.
Here is a clue. Still don't know? Ask a farmer.
"Say 'gee' to the ox, he'd go up like nothin'--
Tell him to 'haw', he'd be huffin' and puffin'."

Choose your trail, hope you pick the "right" one
Not much further and your quest is done.

Go just past the spinning metal flower,
Don't cross the creekbed that can flow with a shower.

Count twelve steps left, up the hill;
'Tween and 'neath rocks, I hope it's there still-

The letterbox waiting to receive your stamp
If you find it, you are a letterboxing champ!

Hope you enjoyed figuring out my rhymes, riddles, and clues
Now finish hiking the loop, or go back if you choose.

*You will have to pay a $2.00 parking free, unless you are there on a Wednesday. If that is the case, parking is free!