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Cousins Letterbox LbNA #10137

Owner:The Bryan Family Contact
Plant date:Aug 15, 2005
County:Alberta, CAN
Found by: The Bryan Family
Last found:Jul 15, 2017
Last edited:Jul 15, 2017
Easy & fun for kids. Placed by 7 cousins aged 10mo.-9 years while visiting granma & grandpa's house.

This letterbox placement is about the fun things to see and do on your way, especially for kids. When placing the letterbox we saw 3 deer, lots of squirrels and gophers, beaver dams & many beautiful birds. Who doesn't love wading and skipping stones, a swimming hole, beaver dams, & ending the trip with an icecream and possibly a trip to the museum and always a bathroom not too far away. Trip to letter box without stopping and enjoying the fun is about 15-20min. (but who would want to do that?)
If mosquitoes are in season you may want to bring repellent.

Bow Bottom Trail South to Fish Creek Park
Turn right at Bow Valley Ranch turn off to parking lot
Start at Visitors Centre (open M-F 8:15-noon, 1pm-4:30. Closed Sat & Sun) There is a little museum here and bathroom facilities (bathroom is open even when visitors centre isn't).
Follow the path away from parking lot (West)
Pass the old Burns Ranch house (now Ranch Restaurant- expensive)on right
Pass Annie's Bakery Cafe on right (another ranch house on right which is open seasonally 10am-6pm for sandwiches, ice cream etc. (more affordabe- bring some $$ for a treat after your find)
Over the bridge (great place to wade and skip stones under the bridge)
Take first path on left (shale)
As the trail bends to the right there is a foot path straight ahead up the hill, or to your left. Take the foot path on the left back towards the creek (do not go up the hill).
Step over 2 fallen logs. From the second log count approx 60 paces. On the right you will see a lone tree with a dead tree parallel to the trail. On the left you will find a fallen the path. Inside the far end of the fallen tree you will find the cousins letterbox.
If you follow this trail further upstream another 10 min you will find a rocky peninsula near some "caves". This is a fun spot to wade and swim!

We would LOVE to hear if you found our letterbox and it's condition as we are literally thousands of miles away in Colorado and Oregon, and won't be able to check the box ourselves until next summer. The kids are soooo excited. Thanks for visiting and signing our log book!