Letterboxing in America FAQ
by "the mapsurfer"; updated January 6th, 2005

"The Outdoor Treasure Hunting Pastime"



Finding Letterboxes

Hiding Letterboxes

Etiquette, Conventions, and Rules


And all the Rest

What is Letterboxing?

Where are the Letterboxes Hidden?

What Do I Need to Hunt for Letterboxes?

Where Do I Get the Clues?

What's the Deal With the Personal Stamp?

I Have Some Clues, How Do I Interpret Them to Find Boxes?

How Do I Use a Compass?

What is a Pace?

What Do I Need to Hide a Box and How Do I Go About It?

Should I Carve, Commission, or Buy a Pre-made Stamp for the Box?

How Do I Carve Stamps?

What Carving Media Should I Use and Where Do I Get It?

How Do I Write Clues?

How Do I Publish or Distribute Clues?

How Do I Post Clues to the LbNA Database?

Are There any Rules?

Should I Keep My Stamps Secret?

What Are PFX Counts and Other Abbreviations?

What are Hitchhikers, Cuckoo Clues, and Mystery Boxes?

What About Patches and Where Can I Get Them?

What Is the History of Letterboxing in America?

What Was the First Box Placed in the US?

What Was the First Box Placed in Each State?

What Organized Challenges or Hunts are There?

Who is in the LbNA 100 Club?

Is There Letterboxing in My Area?

How Do I Get It Started in My Area?

What is Geocaching and is it like Letterboxing?

What are the Mapsurfer Boxes?

Where are the Mapsurfer Boxes Hidden?

Where Can I Get More Info?