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Note that distance is dependent on the accuracy of each clue, typically city center.

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Letterbox NameClue OwnerLocationCounty    Distance  Est. Hike
Kind Hearted Woman 'DDD' Wolfeboro, NH Carroll0.0  ?
The Carry Adoptable Wolfeboro, NH Carroll0.0  ?
Taylor the Gnome Adoptable Wolfeboro, NH Carroll0.0  ?
Hibiscus Mas Wolfeboro, NH Carroll0.0  ?
Willow #2 WillowHeatha Wolfeboro, NH Carroll0.0  ?
Willow #6 WillowHeatha Wolfeboro, NH Carroll1.7  ?
Willow #5 WillowHeatha Wolfeboro, NH Carroll2.8  ?
Compass Rose Rats and Turtle Alton, NH Belknap6.2  ?
Moose Mtn. Madeline hummingwords Brookfield, NH Carroll7.4  ?
Moose Mountain Jack hummingwords Brookfield, NH Carroll7.4  ?
Gnome in the Woods Adoptable Tuftonboro, NH Carroll7.7  ?
Old Hampshire Series (2) Adoptable Ossipee, NH Carroll8.3  ?
Town Pound paplela Wakefield, NH Carroll9.1  ?
Fun in Sun FL O'Gormans Sanbornville, NH Carroll9.1  ?
Merrymeeting River Runner Adoptable Alton, NH Belknap9.1  ?
Knight's Pond Valentine Adoptable Alton, NH Belknap9.1  ?
Quiet Places (3) The Quilt Maker Wakefield, NH Carroll9.1  ?
Belknap Mountain The Vs Gilford, NH Belknap10.1  ?
Liar's Paradise Kirbert Gilford, NH Belknap10.2  ?
Witch in the Woods Adoptable Gilford, NH Belknap10.2  ?
The Trio Trees (3) happy hello Gilford, NH Belknap10.2  ?
tower box blacksmith gilford, NH Belknap10.2  ?
Trio Trees (3) happyhello Gilford, NH Belknap10.2  ?
Birds Eye View of Ramblin' Vewe (2) highland lassies Gilford, NH Belknap10.2  ?
Rusty K-Train Gilford, NH Belknap10.2  ?
Girls Weekend at the Lake (7) The Vs Gilford, NH Belknap11.5  ?
Wakefield Retreat MVIV East Wakefield, NH Mystery11.6  ?
Lost at the Lake Wacky Watsons Laconia, NH Belknap13.7  ?
Sugar House Stash PrescottFarm Laconia, NH Belknap13.7  ?
The Adventures of Gingerbread Jim - #3 Team New Hampshire Moultonborough, NH Carroll15.0  ?
Lady's Slipper (in the woods) Lady's Slipper Moultonborough, NH Carroll15.0  ?
Pushing Up Daisies #81 pawca moultonborough, NH Carroll15.0  ?
Loon Pond Loop loonferret Gilmanton, NH Belknap15.1  ?
Funky Chicken Mas Gilmanton, NH Belknap15.1  ?
Cow Mas Gilmanton, NH Belknap15.1  ?
New VS Old Hampshire Series (2) Maire's Facets Gilmanton, NH Belknap15.1  ?
Tubing on Crystal Lake Maire's Facets Gilmanton, NH Belknap15.1  ?
Stonewall Stream Maire's Facets Gilmanton, NH Belknap15.1  ?
Red Hill Firetower Adoptable Center Harbor, NH Carroll15.3  ?
Dragonflies and Ladybugs Adoptable Center Harbor, NH Belknap15.3  ?
Froggie Adoptable Center Harbor, NH Carroll15.3  ?
Tree Hugger - Squam Adoptable Center Harbor, NH Carroll15.3  ?
Belknap Black Cat Adoptable Centre Harbor, NH Carroll15.3  ?
Super Lighting Kidworks Meredith, NH Belknap15.3  ?
Chilli Willi mudflinginfools Moultonboro, NH Carroll15.4  ?
Lost Marbles Adoptable Meredith, NH Belknap15.4  ?
Mary Grant Nature Preserve (2) Adoptable Acton, ME York15.4  ?
fire tower blacksmith effingham, NH Carroll16.1  ?
Little Hands Adoptable Effingham, NH Carroll16.1  ?
Train Station Series (3) flutterbyx2 W Ossipee, NH Carroll16.6  ?
EFFIE 1 leegull one Effingham, NH Carroll16.6  ?
EFFIE 2 leegull one Effingham, NH Carroll16.7  ?
EFFIE 3 leegull one Effingham, NH Carroll16.7  ?
Pine Hill Cenetery flutterbyx2 S Tamworth, NH Carroll17.2  ?
Eagle Cliff Trail Spy Girl Sandwich, NH Carroll17.4  ?
Gully oven macattack Lebanon, ME York18.2  ?
WillowBrook Museum Village (12) catandmouse Newfield, ME York18.6  ?
The Berry Ancestors The Descendants Holderness, NH Grafton18.7  ?
Bean Hole pennylodge Silver Lake, NH Carroll18.9  .1 mi
White Lake Captain K Tamworth, NH Mystery19.2  ?
Great Hill Tower flutterbyx2 Tamworth, NH Carroll19.2  ?
Earle H. Remick Nature Trail flutterbyx2 Tamworth, NH Carroll19.2  ?
Ordination Rock Cemetery flutterbyx2 Tamworth, NH Carroll19.2  ?
Children of Israel Angel Friend Center Sandwich, NH Carroll19.2  ?
Lead Mine pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll19.5  .5 mi
Texans Love NH schodek5 Sanbornton, NH Belknap19.8  ?
Lake Winnisquam HK Sanbornton, NH Belknap19.8  ?
Four Friends Four Friends Pittsfield, NH Merrimack20.1  ?
Mt. Chocorua View flutterbyx2 Chocorua, NH Carroll20.3  ?
A Just Maple Treat snowflaker Tilton, NH Belknap20.5  ?
Madison Historical Society pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll20.6  .5 mi
Come for the letterbox, stay for the views BamBam Holderness, NH Grafton20.9  ?
Madison Town Hall pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll21.0  .1 mi
Stone Monument pennylodge Silver Lake, NH Carroll21.0  .5 mi
Silver Lake Train Station pennylodge Silver Lake, NH Carroll21.0  .1 mi
Granville Farm pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll21.2  .1 mi
i am a little church pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll21.3  .1 mi
Park Cemetery zturtle Tilton, NH Belknap21.4  ?
Knowles Pond (5) zturtle Tilton, NH Belknap21.4  ?
Love you Grammie! FrogiNater Tilton, NH Belknap21.4  ?
Chocorua Island Adoptable Holderness, NH Grafton21.5  ?
Letterbox Walter Dancin' Feet Holderness, NH Grafton21.5  ?
The Cliffs on the Mount Morgan Trail Adoptable Holderness, NH Grafton21.5  ?
The Gardens Letterbox Dancin' Feet Holderness, NH Grafton21.5  ?
Five Finger Point Letterbox Dancin' Feet Holderness, NH Grafton21.5  ?
Dream Big The Oakey Doakies Northfield, NH Merrimack21.6  ?
Mickey Meets Titus zturtle Northfield, NH Merrimack21.7  ?
Winnipesaukee River Trail (6) zturtle Northfield, NH Merrimack21.7  ?
Loving New Hampshire FrogiNater Northfield, NH Belknap21.7  ?
Madison Town Pound pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll21.7  .1 mi
Nature Lovers zoebaby Northfield, NH Merrimack21.7  ?
Ladybug Love zoebaby Northfield, NH Merrimack21.7  ?
Madison Boulder Adoptable Madison,, NH Carroll21.9  ?
woodland ampetheatre country kid Madison, NH Carroll21.9  ?
A Moose is Loose in Eidelweiss New England Traveler Madison, NH Carroll21.9  ?
Blue Job Mountain Adoptable Strafford, NH Strafford22.2  ?
Little Blue Job Adoptable Strafford, NH Strafford22.2  ?
Blue Job Adoptable Strafford, NH Strafford22.2  ?
The Owls of Blue Job (8) gollygee Strafford, NH Strafford22.2  ?
If Parker Mountain was Mount Everest (12) Adoptable Strafford, NH Strafford22.2  ?
Celtic Critters (2) Nautilus and Culex Springvale, ME York22.4  ?
Fun At McDougal's (2) Nautilus and Culex Springvale, ME York22.4  ?
Maine State Flower mrsmorrattus Springvale, ME York22.4  ?
St. Patrick's Day Letterbox Clue Crew Too Rochester, NH Strafford22.7  ?
bmx andrew268dk rochester, NH Strafford22.7  ?
BaxterLakeBox Adoptable Rochester, NH Strafford22.7  ?
Big Pines Natural Area flutterbyx2 Wonalancet, NH Carroll23.3  ?
Fairy Adventure II (3) SAM the KAT Chichester, NH Merrimack23.7  ?
Woods Foreva wdz4evaa Madison, NH Carroll23.9  .1 mi
One Big Rock pennylodge Madison, NH Carroll23.9  .5 mi
Buzz 20 Questions Albany, NH Carroll23.9  ?
Plank It Series WDZ4EVA Madison, NH Carroll23.9  ?
Super Mover Baby Bear Madison, NH Carroll23.9  .5 mi
Old Stone Lighthouse ddbyrd Sanford, ME York24.0  ?
Remember Floyd Explorer Pair Franklin, NH Merrimack24.0  ?
NH's Bike Week FrogiNater Franklin, NH Belknap24.0  ?
Play Ball mrsmorrattus Sanford, ME York24.0  ?
East Coast Road Trip - Maine jb kokopelli Sanford, ME York24.0  ?
Loudon Congregational Church Team New Hampshire Loudon, NH Merrimack24.4  ?
Shamrock Box The Clue Crew Rochester / Gonic, NH Strafford24.4  ?
Friendship Boxes (2) The Clue Crew Rochester / Gonic, NH Strafford24.4  ?
Farm Friend agilelab Loudon, NH Merrimack24.4  ?
ARGHHH captainc52 Chichester, NH Merrimack24.6  ?
Leaf Peeper Team New Hampshire Canterbury, NH Merrimack24.7  ?
Meadow Pond Trail Adoptable Canterbury, NH Merrimack24.7  ?
Turning Mill Pond Adoptable Canterbury, NH Merrimack24.7  ?
Ossippe Hill Giddy Waterboro, ME York25.0  ?
The Beautiful Place Adoptable Chichester, NH Merrimack25.1  ?
IS IT A HOAX OR REAL Adoptable chichester, NH Merrimack25.1  ?
Fairy Adventure (3) SAM the KAT Chichester, NH Merrimack25.1  ?
Live and Let Live and the Indian Legend Little Horse Chichester, NH Merrimack25.1  ?
Spring Peeper Giddy Alfred, ME York25.8  ?
Ducky H Alfred, ME York25.8  ?
Our 3 Dogs (4) makalii Epsom, NH Merrimack25.8  ?
Happy Birthday Reilly! makalii Epsom, NH Merrimack25.8  ?
Rainbow Chameleon Adoptable Albany, NH Carroll25.9  ?
Boulder Loop Locals (2) J.E.S.S. Albany, NH Carroll25.9  ?
Sunscreen soks Albany, NH Carroll25.9  ?
Anniversary Series: Year 3 - Leather Jiffy Albany, NH Carroll25.9  ?
Watch This 1st in the Soucy Series Daweems Barrington, NH Strafford26.3  ?
Profile Falls 3 Purple Mushrooms Hill, NH Merrimack26.3  ?
Inspiration Point - Round Top Mountain Adoptable Bristol, NH Grafton26.4  ?
The Kissing Bridge Adoptable plymouth, NH Grafton26.7  ?
"A Fungi to be With!" Adoptable Plymouth, NH Grafton26.7  ?
Jagolinzer Giddy Limington, ME York26.9  ?
Rushing waters-( Still Active 2014} Gilpack4 Limington, ME York26.9  ?
Dimetrodon Willowe Limington, ME York26.9  ?
T-Rex Willowe Limington, ME York26.9  ?
Highest point in Concord Dean of Sunshine Concord, NH Merrimack27.0  ?
Northwood Meadows we3kids Northwood, NH Rockingham27.2  ?
Piggly Wiggly The 5 M's Northwood, NH Rockingham27.2  ?
Canoe It Adoptable Conway, NH Carroll27.6  ?
Picnic Box Adoptable Conway, NH Carroll27.6  ?
Woods Walk Letterbox The Mad Doctors Conway, NH Carroll27.6  ?
Under Cover (11) sewsewbizzy Conway, NH Carroll27.6  ?
Four Seasons wdz4evaa Conway, NH Carroll27.6  ?
Rusty the Choo-Choo Box ONE LOVE Conway/Albany, NH Carroll27.6  ?
ANDYS MARBLES WDZ4EVA Conway, NH Carroll27.6  ?
Fairy House Forest @ White Mountain Waldorf School Waldorf Conway, NH Carroll27.6  ?
Two hearts One love TEAM JC Boscawen, NH Merrimack27.8  ?
Got Calef's Cheese? Suds in the Bucket Barrington, NH Strafford27.9  .1 mi
the Dog "walk" Box Adoptable Somersworth, NH Strafford28.3  ?
If I Were You I'd..... Team New Hampshire Somersworth, NH Strafford28.3  ?
Bee an adventurer Dangerous Dumptruck Epsom, NH Merrimack28.3  ?
Oak hill fire tower blacksmith concord, NH Belknap28.6  ?
Green Frog skier4444 Campton, NH Grafton28.7  ?
Welch-Dickey II Beswick Campton, NH Grafton28.7  ?
Sand Drags Jiffy South Hiram, ME Oxford28.7  ?
You Know Whooo five bucks Campton, NH Carroll28.7  ?
If I Were You I'd... Team New Hampshire Penacook, NH Merrimack28.8  ?
Penacook's bone yard Adoptable Penacook, NH Merrimack28.8  ?
3 Eyes Two sets of foot prints Waterville Valley, NH Carroll29.0  ?
Wadleigh Pond Happy Daze Lyman, ME York29.1  ?
He Who Dies with the Most Toys... WINS! (4) Jiffy Lyman, ME York29.1  ?
The High Five Reservation Box The Lucky Queen Deering, NH Hillsborough29.1  ?
Bone box Adoptable Salisbury, NH Merrimack29.2  ?
Sugar Spoon Adoptable Alexandria, NH Grafton29.3  ?
Little Peanut Man Willowe Limington, ME York29.6  ?
Charles C. Coffin Team Liberty Boscawen, NH Merrimack29.6  ?
Cora 20 Questions Ossipee, NH Carroll29.6  ?
Glaucomys II Nautilus and Culex Alfred/Lyman, ME York29.7  ?
Primitives in Pine Adoptable Hollis, ME York29.7  ?
A Day at the Falls Baby Bear Lincoln, NH Grafton29.8  ?
Tribute To Bungalo Village recipefordisaster Hebron, NH Grafton30.1  1 mi
Rocky's Box Team New Hampshire Pembroke, NH Merrimack30.2  ?
Life is Rosey and Bear Mnt. Boxes (2) Karen's Critter's Hebron, NH Grafton30.7  ?
Kimball Park mini adventure Dangerous Dumptruck Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
Let's Go Fishing in Concord Wacky Watsons Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
Winant Park family adventure (3) Dangerous Dumptruck Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
North Berwick Sunshine Adoptable North Berwick, ME York30.8  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! My Cats; Samantha foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! My Cats; Pilot foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! My Cats; Fox foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Shawn's Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Gus' Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Lassie's Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Jules' Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?
A Lifetime of Obsessions! 'psych'; Woody's Box foxfriend Concord, NH Merrimack30.8  ?