1. Dude's Duds: Making Music Leipers Fork, TN
  2. Move More, Sit Less Ansonia, CT
  3. Small Bite, Big Threat! Derby, CT
  4. Arizona Counties:Gila County Globe, AZ
  5. In Search of The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill Burrillville, RI
  6. s There A Good Puerto Rican Restaurant in SE Orlando? Orlando, FL
  7. Kitties Akimbo Orlando, FL (2/2)
  8. FL Wright House Orlando, FL
  9. The Story Teller Series Durham, CT (2/3)
  10. Rainbow of White's Woods Litchfield, CT (1/4)
  11. Read - Adventures Await! Scituate, RI
  12. Pushing Up Daisies #33 Scituate, RI
  13. Naked Woman in the Waterfall Scituate, RI
  14. Tortolita Preserve Marana, AZ (3/3)
  15. Cathole Mystery ???, CT
  16. Butterfly's 75th Birthday Box-Follow Mona ???, CT
  17. Mystical Creatures Berlin, CT (2/3)
  18. Quinnipiac River Gorge Trail Meriden, CT