"Tina's Big Adventure"
by Der Mad Stamper
"What's taking him so long?" Tina wondered. Her knees sunk into the cushions of the sofa, as she leaned over its back. She had been perched here all morning, peering anxiously out the front room window toward the empty driveway.

Tina had been anticipating Uncle Marvin's visit for weeks. He had specifically requested to speak with her when he called last month. "How would you like to go with me on an adventure?" he had asked her.

"What a silly question!" Tina thought. She always jumped at the chance to spend time with Uncle Marvin. He was such a fun person... especially for an adult. He always laughed at her jokes, no matter how dumb they were. She loved his magic tricks, such as making coins disappear and finding them moments later in her ear, his pocket, or her Mom's hair!

She especially loved it when he called her "Butterfly" instead of Tina (because, he said, butterflies were the most marvelous of God's creatures, except for Tina, herself). Best of all, she loved the way Uncle Marvin always made time for her whenever he visited.