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Aeroplane Pilot LbNA #9887

Owner:Sarah Bee Contact
Plant date:Aug 7, 2004
Found by: toad&tadpole
Last found: Feb 11, 2010
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Aug 7, 2004
**log book missing. will replace asap & update here!**

One part of this quest is wet & slippery, so I highly recommend wearing shoes with good traction and only searching during NON-rainy season. Otherwise, this "hike" is very easy.

Directions: Take highway 880 to High Street exit. Head west on High Street toward the bay. Cross the High Street Bridge--you are now in scenic Alameda. Turn left at the first light over the bridge, which is Fernside. Continue on Fernside until it dead-ends into Otis. Turn left & drive over yet another bridge (Bay Farm Island Bridge). Stay in the right lane so that you can turn right onto Island Drive after the bridge. Once on Island Drive, make an immediate right onto Veterans Court. Park as near to the end of the cul de sac as possible.

One more thing before we begin the journey: if you want to truly appreciate why I made this particular stamp, look for this letterbox on a Saturday or Sunday morning (before noon). If that's not possible, this is still a cool spot near the bay!

OK! Ready? Let's Go! From the cul de sac, walk east onto a structure that allows you to walk over the murky water, yet under something you were just on. (Do you hear a Red Hot Chili Peppers hit from 1992 in your head? No? Sorry, I do :) Once you're off the wood, continue straight up the little hill onto the paved path. Proceed past the world famous bike bridge, a cement bench, and a rather large Eucalyptus tree (all on your left). Now, if you look straight ahead, you will see where some Warriors might attack those Raiders who steal from the Athletics. Keep walking toward where those crazy hooligans "play" until finally the path curves to the right.

Right after the turn you'll find a cement bench. Have a seat; take a rest. If you're here on a weekend morning, you might hear the buzzing of the pilot's engines (but we'll get to that later--there's treasure ahead!). Walk straight down the gravel path past all the ice plant to the water's edge.

*THIS IS THE PART OF THE QUEST THAT GETS WET & SLIPPERY. PROCEED WITH MUCH CAUTION!* Carefully, cross the "rock bridge" to the little island ahead. Walk straight up onto the path (which will ever-so-slightly curve to the left, then right, then left again before straightening out). Take about 65 paces until you see a wooden log on your right. You will find what you are looking for in the hollow end, hidden by a bunch of wood.

Now, if you made it on a weekend morning & you'd like to really see why I made this stamp, retrace your steps (carefully cross the "rock bridge" again!) back up to the cement bench. Take a left on the paved path, walk past 2 Eucalyptus trees on your left, say hello to the scurrying ground squirrels, continue downhill, and look to your right. Do you see the pilots?

This is my first letterbox, so I hope all goes well & you enjoy! The walking should take about 30 minutes round trip, not including stamp time! Thank you & good luck!