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OBXNC LbNA #9803

Owner:girlguides Contact
Plant date:Jul 12, 2004
Found by: pie man
Last found: Apr 17, 2013
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 12, 2004
Note: As of 9-13 we've had a report that this is missing. We're coming back to the OBX end of October and will check. If you're nearby and want to investigate, we'd appreciate a report.
Directions: Take NC Route 12 North to the Whalehead Club, a well-known landmark near Corolla on North Carolina's Outer Banks.

The Whalehead Club is a former waterfowl hunting lodge and winter residence of Edward Collings and Marie Louise Knight. It is one of the most opulent art nouveau structures in America. Be sure to stop in for a tour while you're visiting the area - check out for more information.

Subsequent owners constructed an airstrip to facilitate the arrival of visitors to the remote hunting lodge. This stamp acknowledges the significance of early flight to the OBX area.

Clues: Updated as of 11-27-10

From the porch of the Whalehead Club, look out over the sound and the beautiful view of the water. Take a SW bearing and head out toward the point of land that was part of the original landing strip. Look at the posts that extend from the land. They mark the beginning of the original airstrip, now eroded. Once you are surrounded by water, look among the persimmon trees for a lone cedar on your right as you face Currituck Sound. The cedar is about two and a half feet high. Hanging in it you will find your prize. Please make sure it's well hidden once you put the stamp and logbook back.

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