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Briones - Blue Oak LbNA #9763

Plant date:Aug 1, 2004
City:Pleasant Hill
County:Contra Costa
Found by: Cailin Crann
Last found:Aug 17, 2011
Last edited:Aug 1, 2004
Location: Briones Regional Park
Difficulty: Moderate - Strenuous
Compass Needed!

Hwy 680 north
Exit Pleasant Hill, Contra Costa Blvd
Continue on Contra Costa Blvd
Take a left turn on Gregory Lane

Hwy 680 south
Exit Pleasant Hill, Gregory Lane
Continue on Gregory Lane

Keep going straight on Gregory Lane, (cross Pleasant Hill Road and Taylor Blvs)
Gregory Lane turns into Grayson Road.
At end of road, turn South on Reliez Valley Road.
Continue 0.7 miles to Reliez Valley Trail Head.
(You can pick up a trail map if you want to.)

Take Blue Oak trail in western direction for 1 mile.
Keep going up, following the main trail.
Take a breath every now and then and make sure to enjoy the views.
Once you get to the split between "Blue Oak Trail" and "Sprengler Trail" continue WEST to the little creek crossing Blue Oak Trail.
Where the creek passes the trail go about 15 steps South.
The box is in the tree, under some bark.

Have fun. Also, there is poison oak in this park so beware 'leaves of three, let them be'.

Pleasant Silly