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Mr. Moody Goes to City View Park LbNA #9568

Owner:Foster-4-Pk Contact
Plant date:Jul 25, 2004
City:Virginia Beach
County:Virginia Beach city
Found by: lovelyluck
Last found: Mar 23, 2014
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jul 25, 2004
City View Park is a nice family park with a playground, picnic shelters, volleyball area, basketball, and a paved walking trail suitable for strollers, bikes, and roller skates.

Directions to City View Park:
From I64 take the Indian River Rd. East exit (exit 286). Turn Right at the 3rd traffic light on to Centerville Turnpike. Stay on Centerville until the next major intersection and turn right on Kempsville Rd. City View Park is less than a quarter mile down on the right.

About Mr. Moody:
Mr. Moody is a man of many emotions and expressions. He likes to travel to many areas (although this is not a traveling letterbox).

Terrain: 1 (sneakers are recommended)
Difficulty: 1
Mosquitos: 5 (bring the mosquito repellant)

Clues to "Happy Guy":
Park at the far end of the parking lot near the baseball fields and restrooms.

From the restrooms take the paved trail back into the wooded area.
Follow the trail past the 2nd bench to a 2nd set of wooden rails. From the wooden rail, looking down the path, you will see a large oak tree. Walk toward the tree. Now, look to the left of the paved trail and you will spy a large machine cut tree. Step onto the stump, then walk about 5 steps balance-beam style along the fallen tree. Step down to your left onto another large log, walk 5 steps. "Happy Guy" is to right of the log underneath some bark. After stamping your book, please replace him carefully and then continue your quest.

Clues to "Annoyed Guy":
Follow the paved trail back the way you came in (towards the restrooms). Find the 1st set of rails you passed. Walk to the rail on the left side of the path. Standing at the left-hand fence pole with your belly to the rail you can see a path to a clearing. Don't go there.
Look down to your left at the 10 o'clock position. Do you see a moderate sized round rock partially covered with fallen leaves about 2 steps away from where you are standing? That's no rock! Look under "the rock" to find "Annoyed Guy." After stamping your book, please replace him carefully without attracting the attention of non-boxers.

e-mail us @, we'd love to hear how Mr. Moody's doing.