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Lake Watson View LbNA #9403

Owner:Ann Contact
Plant date:Jul 18, 2004
Found by: cezannie
Last found:Jan 7, 2018
Last edited:Jul 18, 2004
This is an easy, scenic hunt. The box is 1.18 miles from the trailhead. From downtown Precott, drive north on 89 to the Parkway that goes up to Walmart. Turn right, go across bridge and turn left at the 1st road. Proceed about 300 ft. & turn left into the Pea Vine park. lot. Walk north on the trail until you get to the 1 mile mark & the lake trail on left. Go left, down and around the lake to the right. Pass an old Alligator Juniper on the L. At the acute L. turn, notice the Granddaddy Ponderosa tree on your R. The trail "S" curves onto a rock outcropping. Walk along the seam and follow it up to the R. where you pick up the trail again. Pass the trail marker on R.. Soon after the trail "Z"'s to a lower area. Bear R. where the trail splits. There are 2 rocks blocking the non-trail. Note the handsome Claret Cup Cactus on your R. Proceed through the boulders to another double "Z". There's a dip, the trail climbs slightly and you'll come to a big boulder w/ 7 vertical stripes. Hop up on it , go past the 2nd trail marker and continue through the "S" curve. The trail makes an acute R. angle turn. On your left you'll find a small, dead Pinon tree. Immediately past the tree turn left. Go up the rock. It's like stairsteps. 27 steps from the trail, you'll come to a Pinon with many low branches. Scoot under the left limb and leave the beargrass clump to your R. You'll see a boulder with a backwards "E" on its left side. Step on it then step down. Walk 2 steps to R., face the lake and climb up and to the right of the boulder with the beargrass on its left side.. Hop over the dead Claret Cup Cactus. Walk 8 steps towards the lake along the gravel.. You 'll pass a beargrass clump and 2 wee pinon trees. The next boulder on your left has a water pocket on top. Under tha boulder's overhang is the box hidden by some rocks. You found it ! Please sit and enjoy the view. Cezannie