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Soaring Eagle LbNA #8954

Plant date:Jun 25, 2004
City:Friday Harbor
County:San Juan
Found by: Nordic
Hike distance:Unknown
Last edited:Jun 25, 2004
1. Go the the school adjcent to the San Juan County Fairgrounds.

2. Begin facing the front doors of the school under the tile mural of a Soaring Eagle.

3. After looking at the mural turn 180 degrees (to the mural, not comapss bearing).

4. Walk across the five diagonal lines.

5. Continue past four poles.

6. Turn left and walk over to the bronze statue of two children. Take a minute to look at "Puddles." Can you find the ladybug? Did you find the name of the artist?

7. Go back to the paved path. Walk past three signs.

8. When you get to the end of the paved path, follow the deer trail up the slope. Walk carefully so you don't slip. In about seven steps you will be facing a tree.

9. Look for a school birdhouse attached to a branch in the tree. Lift the roof on the left side. You will find the letterbox inside.

Please replace the box inside the school birdhouse and make sure that the roof opening is closed.

The 2003-2004 Student Council, who are responsible for putting this letterbox together, hopes that you had fun on this San Juan Island letterbox journey.